Learn the Secrets to Analytics Success

More and more companies are using HR  or "people"  data to analyze, measure, track, and optimize performance, employee engagement, and diversity & inclusion. Some 84 percent of business leaders surveyed by Deloitte viewed people analytics as important or very important, and 70 percent reported they were in the midst of major projects to analyze and integrate data into their decision-making. An analytics capability is no longer viewed as a nice-to-have; it's a competitive necessity in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

But there's a large and growing gulf between two kinds of organizations: the relatively few that are deploying analytics effectively and the large majority that are still struggling to get useful and actionable insights out of their people data. Among the reasons: data challenges, a shortage of analytics skills, and growing concerns over data privacy and security. 

What are the successful companies doing that the rest aren't? That's what you'll learn at the 20th HR Metrics and Analytics Summit this September 24-26 in San Diego, where some of the field's leading practitioners will share practical knowledge and actionable insights that you can use to turbocharge your own analytics work.

Why utilize your valuable resources on this event?

  • Hear from HR leaders who use analytics to identify key performers – and boost their company’s bottom line
  • Learn how to get your data in shape for analytics (It’s easier than you think)
  • Come away with the tools you need to align analytics initiatives with business strategy
  • Learn what you need to plan for your future workforce needs in a fast-changing world

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Key Benefits of Attending


Enable Cross-Functional Collaboration: position HR as the head of the executive leadership table


Upgrade your KPIs: the workforce metrics you need to use now to scrap the metrics that don't matter


Career Development: establish and advance a data-driven HR organization


Talk Numbers: analyze the ROI of your people practices & convey a data story to your business leaders


Elevate the Employee Experience: the  mission critical priority to drive enhanced business results

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